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April, 2015

Hey again! Well, it looks like our web site is BACK - so... welcome back and thanks for finding us here. Just posted April and May calendars on the DATES page, so check it out. We hope to see you out there very soon - and thanks, again, for supporting us all these 8 years and for supporting live music in Kansas City!

November, 2014

Hey! Our web site has been out of commission for a while - quite a while - since some time in June, actually - but we appear to be back in the saddle, so to speak. Anyway, the calendar has been updated and we're looking forward to seeing you all again as 2014 winds down. There are plenty of shows getting lined up for next year, so please check back often. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope to see you soon.

March, 2014

It's been a while since we've updated this page with any news - sorry about that. It's been a busy and brutal Winter, but Spring is almost here and we've got a couple of things we wanted to mention. First of all, THANK YOU ALL, again, so much, for continuing to support us. Our Last Tuesday of the Month at recordBar continue to be a blast and we look forward to seeing you all every time. We have lots of cool shows coming up this Spring and Summer, too, so please check back here often. We'll be at Argosy Casino, The Phoenix and Linden Square - we're also doing a weekend this Summer at the amazing H. Toad's on the Lake of the Ozarks - and will update the calendar as those dates approach. And We're continuing, for now, to include dates for New Medicine (Janet, Dennis, Terry and Ray) on this web site because... well, because we have no other place to post them - yet. The band will be doing some dates on the deck at Anton's Taproom Restaurant next month. If you haven't been to Anton's yet, you're gonna LOVE it. Hope to see you all very soon.

Still July, 2013

Well, we're sorry to say that the Grand Experiment is over. Eclipse Bar & Grill will no longer be hosting the Sunday shows. Thanks to Mike and all the crew for taking a chance on offering the opportunity, but people just weren't coming out to Raytown. It's a great music room and a very fun place to play. We hope we can arrange some weekend dates at Eclipse in the future. All of us in RPS are having a very busy Summer with other projects so you won't find much on our calendar for a while. But this Fall things really pick up for us so... stay tuned!!

July, 2013

Happy Summer! We continue to post dates on this web site for both RPS and New Medicine because, frankly, we have nowhere else to post them! You CAN find New Medicine on Facebook, however, at www.facebook.com/newmedicinemusic and we hope you'll "friend" us there. New Medicine is doing Sunday Evening shows every-other-Sunday at Eclipse Bar & Grill in Raytown, MO (please check our DATES page for more information), and Dennis is doing acoustic shows with the illustrious Brion Leftwich on the alternate Sundays at the same venue. We've gone ahead and posted those dates on our calendar as well. We sincerely hope you will plan to stop by Eclipse on Sunday evenings this Summer for good food, good friends, cold drinks and LIVE MUSIC. Thanks, as always, for continuing to support live music in KC. We hope to see you soon!

February, 2013

As most of you know by now, we have added a new group! This one's a quartet featuring Janet & Dennis, but with the addition of Terry Swope on guitar and Ray DeMarchi on percussion. We are calling this group "New Medicine" and, for now, we will be posting our shows here on the RPS web site. At some point, we hope to have our own web space, but for now we hope you'll look for us here. We've already played a couple of shows and we hope you will come out to support us as you have done for RPS in the past. New Medicine is not replacing RPS, it's just an extension of our family, so to speak. The song list is quite different and we hope you enjoy it. See you very soon. Cheers!

December, 2012

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Thanks so much for your continued support throughout this year. We've had a really good year and met a lot of great people. There are some pretty big changes to our schedule coming in 2013. Please continue to check our DATES page for the latest information. See you soon!

July, 2012

We've added links to information about this year's Aquapalooza event at Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks. Please check our DATES page - there are two links... one is for the Aquapalooza organization in general and the other is for Dog Days Bar & Grill - the host of this year's event. Both links are toward the top of our DATES page, so be sure to check it out. This is gonna be a blast!! Hope you can make it.

July (almost), 2012

Happy Heat Wave! Summer is here with a vengeance it seems. We've got a couple of exciting shows coming up in July. We'll be playing at a private party at Lake of the Ozarks and will be the opening act at this year's Aquapalooza the next day - almost literally on the water. We understand that as many as 3,000 boats will be in attendance - the stage faces the water so the entire audience is floating - so, with an average of about 4 people per boat, this has the potential to be the biggest crowd we've ever had! It's gonna be a blast so, get your boat or jetski ready and come on down to the Lake. Check our dates page for more info - we'll post details as soon as we get them. One more thing... PLEASE NOTE THAT QUASIMODO LIVE MUSIC WILL BE CLOSED ON 4TH OF JULY so we won't be there. We'll see you back at QLM on Wednesday, July 18th.

May, 2012

We're very sorry to say this, but the show at Trezo Mare (Saturday, May 19) has been cancelled. We just found out at about 9:00 pm the night before and we really aren't sure what happened, but apparently the event has been cancelled. Maybe they will reschedule (??) but we really have no idea. Sorry for the short notice. So, now, our next date is at the RecordBar on the Last Tuesday of the Month. See you there!

April, 2012

Hi everybody! Just wanted to let you know that Quasimodo Live Music has decided to remain closed while they finish the remodeling - should just be a couple of weeks, but this means that our April 18th date is being cancelled. It's very understandable - it's probably impossible for the workmen to work half a day and then spend the rest of the day cleaning up so they can be open for business that night. This should make the process go twice as fast, and that's a good thing. We are planning to return to our "normal" schedule of Every First and Third Wednesdays starting on May 2nd, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we are BACK at The Phoenix this month. It's been a while and we're really looking forward to our return - that'll be on Saturday, April 28th - so PLEASE plan on coming out and joining the party - it's always a blast! Thanks again for your continued support - also, don't forget to come out to The RecordBar on The Last Tuesday of the Month, April 24th. Hope to see you soon! Life is good. :D

March, 2012 UPDATE

Well, this is kinda different... Wednesday night, March 21st, we'll be performing at a party for the Good Folks from Quasimodo Live Music, but we won't be at the club. Instead we'll be in the club house at the Stonepost Ranch Apartment complex right up the street at 12801 W. 136th. We plan to play from 7:00 to about 9:00. This will not be advertised.... but, if you're reading this you're invited. It's BYOB with "set ups provided". Here's a link for more information: http://www.stonepostranch.com/

March, 2012

Just a couple of things we wanted to bring to your attention... first of all, we've been booked for the rest of the year at Quaismodo Live Music on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month - and that's totally thanks to all of you who have been coming out to support us. THANK YOU! Also, we've changed our hours slightly at Nica's 320 (coming up on Friday, March 16th)... we're playing a little longer, now from 8:00 to 11:00 - 2 long sets. We're really looking forward to it and hope you can plan on making it. They have a "music room" in the back of the restaurant with a separate bar and a stage. Should be a lot of fun. It's St. Patrick's Day Eve, after all. Hope to see you there!

February, 2012

Wanted to let you know that we have added a new venue to our March calendar. Nica's 320 ironically located at 320 Southwest Blvd in KCMO. It's a very cool place and we will be doing 2 shows on Friday, March 16th... the early show starts at 8:00 pm and the second show starts at 10:00 pm. Tickets are available in advance or at the door. They serve wonderful food, too, so we hope you will plan to meet some friends for dinner and stay for the show. It's gonna be fun! We hope you can make it.

January, 2012

Happy New Year! So, it's 2012.. hope it's a great year for all of us. We've added some dates at The Buzzz in January and February and will be doing 1st & 3rd Wednesdays starting in March. Also added some spring dates at The Phoenix, so be on the lookout for those as well. Everybody stay warm - you know the temperature is going to drop, but the days have already started getting longer - spring will be here before we know it, right? Thanks again for all your support. Let's make it a great new year! See you soon.

December, 2011

Wow... this year has really flown by - can't believe it's December already. We've added some dates, some last-minute dates, to our calendar. Please check our DATES page. We're back at The Buzzz a couple of times this month so we really hope you can make it out. Hope your Holidays are happy and remember to tell people you love them... it's important. Life is good. :D

November, 2011

Hope to see you all at The Pnoenix on Thanksgiving Night for the RBTrio / RPS Jam. Should be a lot of fun - show starts at 7:00. Also wanted to tell you about another new venue for us... it's called The Buzzz and is located at 135th and Quivera in South Overland Park, KS. We'll be there on The Friday After Thanksgiving (Nov 25th) from 7:30 to 11:00. Check our DATES page for more information. Hope to see you there!

October, 2011

Fall is here. It's almost November. We've had a great summer. The RecordBar dates continue to be great - so, thanks to you continuing to show up, we hope to be doing that for a very long time... the evenings on the patio at Trezo Vino were a lot of fun.... the date at The JEM was great too! Great venue and staff. We hope to be able to come back at some point. So The Holidays will soon be upon us... be careful out there. We're at the Phoenix a couple of weekends in a row - as I write this, so check it out. We'll see you soon.

September, 2011

Just a quick post to let you know that The Pitch published an article about us in their "Wayward Blog" section yesterday. Check it out HERE And thanks, again, to all of you who continue to come out and support us! SCHEDULE UPDATE - we were just informed that the Pilgrim Chapel benefit show scheduled for Sunday, Sept 18th, has been postponed. We don't know any other details yet, but we hope we can still be a part of it when it gets rescheduled. Stay tuned...

August, 2011

This Summer in KC has been brutal, but the weather is starting to get back to something more 'normal' and we're happy to see that happening. We've been having some great evenings out on the patio at Trezo Vino and we want to thank you all for continuing to come out and support us on those Second Wednesdays. We're back on September 14th. We also wanted to let you know that RPS has been invited to do a set for a really good cause in September. It's the Pilgrim Chapel Performing Arts Season Kickoff and will be held at Knucklehead's Saloon on Sunday, Sept 18th. It's gonna be a great show with Bob Walkenhorst & Jeff Porter, as well as The Nace Brothers, and, like I said, it's for a really good cause so we hope you can make it. We'll be posting more details as we get them. Still doing the Last Tuesdays at The RecordBar, too, so we hope you will continue to make that part of your monthly entertainment calendar. As always, please check our DATES page for more information about when & where we'll be playing as we head into Fall.

Almost July, 2011

Summer is definitely upon us... Lots of changes and busy schedules - I can't believe May is gone, let alone June... The gig at The JEM was outstanding - can't wait to come back - and we will... this Fall. Still doing the Second Wednesdays at Trezo Vino and Last Tuesdays at The Record Bar - not to mention many more dates coming up at The Phoenix - so please continue to check our DATES page - we hope to see you out there!

April, 2011

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting us at The Phoenix - what a blast that place is! Been a busy year so far - and it just keeps getting better! We wanted to let you know about a couple of new bookings that are coming up. We will be performing at Trezo Vino in Leawood, KS, on Every Second Wednesday of the Month starting on May 11th. If you haven't been there, you will not believe how good their food is. Really outstanding. We hope you will keep us in mind and plan to stop by and enjoy! And... we are playing at a brand new venue in Liberty, MO, called The JEM on Saturday, May 14th. It's located on the "historic Liberty Square" and we're excited to get an opportunity to perform there. Just added another date at The Phoenix too - this one's on a Friday, for a change - Friday, May 27th. Please continue to check our DATES page as we are adding new bookings all the time. See ya soon!

January, 2011 UPDATE

This just in... We've moved to The Phoenix in Downtown KCMO. Please check our DATES page for more information. The Phoenix has a great reputation as being one of KC's premier music rooms and we're really excited to be playing there. It's right in the heart of Downtown (8th & Central) and we hope you'll come and check it out.

January, 2011

Happy New Year! Another fine year, we hope. We need to let you know that 12 Baltimore Cafe has decided to eliminate their Saturday Live Entertainment until futher notice, so we've updated the calendar and are currently working on moving to another venue. Please remember that we're still at The RecordBar Every Last Tuesday of the Month so continue to check our DATES page as we hope to be updating it very soon - . Thanks again for your continued support. Here's to the best possible 2011.

October, 2010

Thank you all for continuing to come out to 12 Baltimore Cafe and The RecordBar . We're closing in on the end of the year and all The Holidays. Please keep an eye on our DATES page for upcoming shows.

June, 2010 UPDATE

Wanted to mention that Dennis will be doing a solo performance at ARTichokes Gallery on Friday, June 25th, from 7:30 to 8:30. Please plan to come out if you can - check our DATES page for more information. It's an "All Ages" show and June 25th is the first night of a new art showing, so plan to come out and check out the artwork if you can. Thanks, hope to see you there.

June, 2010

Good news and Bad news... The RecordBar has agreed to give us a once-a-month date... that's the Good News... the Bad News is - they have nothing for us in June or July (that's how booked up they are), so they're starting us in August. Look for us at The RecordBar every month, on Tuesdays, starting in August and going through the end of the year. We're totally jazzed about playing at The Record Bar - it's so great to play in a real Music Room. Please continue to check our DATES page for the latest shows - we update it constantly and dates are all subject to change, so please check back often. Also, we've been invited to perform at the Overland Park Arboretum as part of their Summer Concert Series on Thursday, July 15th. It's an early show at a beautiful place and fun for the whole family. We hope you can make it!!

May, 2010

Just wanted to check in before any more time gets away! Summer is, apparently, upon us and the air conditioners at The Cabin are already running. We want to thank you all for your continued support... we've had quite a few shows this month and it's been great to see you all. We've got one more this month... it's this Tuesday, May 25th, at the recordBar and we really hope you can plan to join us. It's an early show: 7:00 to 9:00, and is always a lot of fun. Full menu, full bar, full stage & sound system - and No Cover Charge!! Also, we won't be playing at 12 Baltimore Cafe in June (but look for us there again in July and August), so we hope all our mid- or south-towners can make it to The recordBar on Tuesday, May 25th, to help start the summer off in a good way - with good friends, good food, cold drinks and live music!!

March, 2010

This last month has been a very busy month. Janet was on the road with Shooting Star doing shows in St. Louis and Des Moines, John's Journey tribute band, Revelation , rocked the VooDoo Lounge, and Dennis has been working consistently with Charlie and the Stingrays . Plus, we've been in the studio working on new material whenever time would allow. We've got some dates coming up in March that we wanted to be sure to post here on the web site before any more time gets away. First, Dennis has been invited to participate in a "Songwriters Circle" being held at ARTichokes gallery in Leawood this Friday, March 5th. It starts at 7:30 pm and will go about an hour or an hour and a half. Second, RPS has been invited to play at The Record Bar on St. Patrick's Day (Weds, March 17th). We will start at 8:00 and play for about an hour and a half. Should be fun and we hope you can plan to stop by The Record Bar at 1020 Westport Rd. in KCMO while you're out and about. They have live entertainment booked all day on the 17th. The Record Bar is located in Westport Square at 43rd and Southwest Trafficway. Third, we will be performing at 12 Baltimore Cafe in Downtown KCMO on Saturday, March 20th, from 9:00 to 12:00. We always enjoy playing at 12 Baltimore and hope you all will continue to come out and support us. That's what's going on this month. We hope to have more news soon, so please check back often.

January, 2010 UPDATE

Thanks so much to all of you who braved the weather and came out to 12 Baltimore Cafe on January 2nd. It was a cold and wintery night, but we couldn't believe the number of you who showed up! It was great and we had a blast. The bad news is... we have had to cancel our February date at Tavern on Green due to a scheduling conflict. We hope to reschedule soon so please keep checking our DATES page for the latest information. Thanks again to all of you for your continued support. We hope to see you again real soon!

January, 2010

Wow. Can you believe all the snow?? This is rare for KC at this time of year... and the fridgid temps. What weird weather! Anyway, we're hoping you will all plan to join us on Saturday, January 2nd, at 12 Baltimore Cafe for our post NYE Hangover Party - our Happy New Decade Party. It's our only date in January so please try to make it. Next month we'll be at a brand new venue, The Taven on Green in Beautiful Downtown Lee's Summit, MO. Please check our DATES page for information. We're going to try something different - Ray DeMarchi will be joining us, adding his unique percussion to our sound, and we're really looking forward to it. As I said, it's a brand new venue for us and we hope you can come out to support us. It would mean a lot to all of us. After this special show in February, we'll be back to our regular monthly rotation at 12 Baltimore Cafe so please check our DATES page often for all the latest information. HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY NEW DECADE to all of you. We hope 2010 will be the start of a future filled with hope and promise. Thank you all for your continued support!!

October, 2009

Halloween Party! Please join us at 12 Baltimore Cafe at 12th and Baltimore in Downtown KCMO for this year's Halloween Party. Costumes are optional but, go ahead, knock yourself out! We play from 9:00 to 12:00 and the bar stays open late. Great food and drinks! There's a parking garage just yards away on Baltimore, too. The 12 Baltimore Cafe is right on the corner and connected to the lobby of the historic Hotel Phillips. A good time is guaranteed for all. Don't miss it!!

Another UPDATE

We've just been informed that we are now included in the monthly rotation at 12 Baltimore Cafe in Downtown KCMO. Please check our DATES page for upcoming shows (the next one will be September 19th). It's a great room with fantastic acoustics - we're really happy to be able to perform there. These shows will all be on Saturday nights so we really hope you can plan to be there!

August, 2009 UPDATE

Well... we're sorry to say that the Oak Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel has had another change in management and they have decided to "restructure" their weeknight entertainment (again). This time they've decided to try "sleepy, quiet, instrumental music", so we're out of a job for the time being. We really enjoyed playing there - on Tuesday nights last year, and Wednesdays this year - we hope this experiment will be over soon and we will be able to come back. Without the Oak Bar on our calendar, we have no dates scheduled in September and, at this point, with such short notice, and with the fact that most venues are booked several months in advance, we will probably have a hard time finding much of anything to take the place of these lost dates... but we're trying! In the meantime, we're going to try to concentrate on finishing the CD that so many of you have asked about. Please check our DATES page frequently as things are bound to change in the next few weeks. Thanks to all of you for your continued support. We hope to see you again real soon!

August, 2009

What an unusal Summer this has been in KC! We've had some beautiful weather - some great evenings out on the patio at the Intercontinental Hotel enjoying the breeze and our friends who continue to come out on Wednesday nights. We hope you'll continue to make it a regular stop on your "hump day". We've been really busy and playing at new venues. One of our favorite new rooms is the 12 Baltimore Cafe - a great location with wonderful acoustics. We're currently working out new dates at 12 Baltimore and hope to be adding them to our calendar very soon - so please check our DATES page often. Also, we've got several dates coming up at Waxy O'Shea's Irish Pub between now and the end of the year - so watch for those as well. But, in the meantime, we're still at the Oak Bar every Wednesday (with one exception: due to a booking conflict, we will be doing Thursday, August 27th, instead of Wednesday, August 26th - but then we'll be back to Wednesday nights in September) - again, please check our DATES page often. Thanks again for your continued support, and for supporting live music in Kansas City. We'll see you soon!

May, 2009

...we're baaaaaack! Once again, please check our DATES page because we've added every Wednesday night at the Oak Bar in the Intercontinental Hotel on the Plaza starting on May 13th as well as one Tuesday a month at the Frontier Steakhouse in West Kansas City. Please come on out to the Oak Bar and break up your work-week - and watch for those Tuesday nights out on the patio at the Frontier Steakhouse - we hope to see you there!

April, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came out to Chaz on the Plaza (Raphael Hotel) - what a blast! Once again, please check our DATES page because we've added several more shows in April and May. Also, we've added a new graphic calendar to the page which makes it much easier to see at-a-glance when and where we'll be playing. Please check back often - we're working to fill up our calendar for this Spring and Summer. Plus, we've added another tune to our MUSIC page - now there's 7 songs for you to listen to. We hope you enjoy them - and come on out to the Raphael - we hope to see you there!

March, 2009

Wow! It was almost 80 degrees today - after being frigid and snowing just a few days ago. I guess that's Kansas City for you! Once again, please check out our DATES page as we've been added to the line up of live music at O'Dowd's Little Dublin (on the Plaza) for the St. Patrick's Day party - best party in town!! Should be a blast (we're workin' on our Irish accents). It's been a busy month, but we'll have some more music to add to our MUSIC page very soon, so please continue to check back often. Thanks again for your emails and your support - hope to see you this month at O'Dowd's and again at the Raphael.

February, 2009

Just a quick note to tell you to check our DATES page for information about new shows that have been added at Chaz on the Plaza (in the Raphael Hotel) for March and April. We hope to see you there!

January, 2009

Happy 2009! Thanks for all the emails and well-wishes from all of you - we've been busy in the studio and have posted some new tunes on our Music page. Click here to listen and be sure to tell us what you think - and keep checking back for news about when and where we'll be playing next. Hope to see you all again real soon!

December, 2008

December is upon us - The Plaza Lights are shining and the Holidays are in full-swing. Please plan to stop by The Oak Lounge this Tuesday evening, December 2, to help us get the season off to a great start. There's a giant Christmas tree (must be 12 to 15 feet tall) on the hotel terrace overlooking the Plaza Lights. It's all really beautiful and guaranteed to put you In The Spirit - only two dates left in 2008 - December 2 & 9 - Please plan to join us!

November, 2008

November... there's been so much going on - the election is over and maybe things will start to settle down a little bit... but no - here come The Holidays! We wanted to let you know that we're still at The Oak Lounge every Tuesday and to be sure to thank all you guys for continuing to stop by. The lighting of the Plaza Lights is coming up and it will be a great place to congregate over the holiday season. Also, in other news, Janet landed a gig with Shooting Star as their new violinist/vocalist, so be sure to catch them out as soon as you can. We hope to see you soon!

August, 2008

It's the end of August - Summer is over and we're heading into Fall again. Hard to believe, huh? This Summer at The Intercontinental Hotel has been great. We've met a lot of interesting people and made many new friends - and we just got some good news... our contract has been extended so we hope to continue to see you on Tuesday nights at The Oak Lounge. It's gonna be great to have the Plaza Lights as our backdrop as The Holidays approach. In other news, we'll be playing for the Grand Opening of the new football/soccer stadium on the campus of University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, KS, on Saturday, September 20. It's their first home game in their new facility and should be a lot of fun. It's a beautiful campus - go to our DATES page for a link to their website. Once again, thank you all for your continued support - we hope to see you again soon!

June, 2008

June?... is it really June?? Time flies... we've been having a lot of fun at the Intercontinental Hotel and have been doing a couple of private parties, too - once again, thank you ALL for your contunued support. The news is that we've been really lucky to have Rick Bacus filling in for John on a few dates at The Hotel this summer - it's been great because Rick is such a great player and we've been able to throw in some new material - which is always fun! Our next date with Rick will be June 17th. Also, we'll be playing at the big Wheeler Audio party next month, so we're really looking forward to that as well. Please plan to stop by The Hotel some of these Tuesdays this Summer... oh, and we just found out that they have Happy Hour drink prices until 9:00, too! Who knew?? So plan to get there early! Hope to see you soon.

March, 2008

Thanks to everyone for your continued support! The date at the Oak Lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Plaza was a lot fun - thanks to everyone who came out.

...this just in... we will be playing at the Oak Lounge regularly - every Tuesday from 8:00 to 11:30 pm - starting on April 1st. Check our 'dates' page for more information and please remember to stop by on Tuesday nights!

February, 2008

Wanted to let you all know that we've posted some new photos taken by excellent photographer Dale Monaghen during the Danny Cox Family Benefit concert. Please click the link and take a look. We've also posted a mailing address for those of you who might want to contribute to the Cox Family Fund. Also, we've got some new shows booked on our DATES page - and we hope to see you out there!

January, 2008

Happy New Year! Thank you all for your support! 2008 is starting out with a bang for us - thanks to you! We've got another date at Harry's Country Club and are looking forward to returning to Ari's Greek Restaurant at the end of the month. Also wanted to be sure you are aware of the Danny Cox Family Benefit (they lost their home in a fire). We've been invited to play at the benefit show on Sunday, January 20th. The concert will feature Brewer & Shipley, not to mention The Elders and Walkenhorst & Porter. Rumor has it that Danny Cox will perform as well. It's all for a very good cause, so please check our DATES page for more information. Thanks again for checking our web site and for supporting live music in Kansas City. We hope to see you 'out there' really soon!

December, 2007

Just a quick note to let you know, if you haven't found out already, that we've added some songs to our Music page - please give them a listen and let us know what you think! Also, check our Dates page for newly added upcoming shows. We hope to be adding more in the next few weeks, so Stay Tuned. We hope everybody has a FUN and safe New Year!!!

November, 2007

The leaves are turning (and falling) and it's a real time of change here in the Midwest. The dates at Ari's Restaurant have been great and we really hope you've been able to make it to one or two of them. We have two more bookings there this year - Thursday, November 15th, and Thursday, December 6th - and we really hope to see you there (please check our Dates page for information about Ari's). In the meantime, we've been busy recording and with everybody's various projects. Very soon, you'll have the option of listening to some songs on the web site rather than just looking at our song list - so stay tuned for that. :) This is a great time of year, and as we head into Fall, I hope we can all find time to enjoy this incredible weather while it lasts! And remember... one week before Thanksgiving we'll be back at Ari's. It'd be a great pre-holiday get together! 2008 is just around the corner and we're excited about all the possibilities - musical and otherwise!

September, 2007

Rock Paper Scissors is pleased to announce that we will be appearing at Ari's Greek Restaurant every 3 weeks for the next 3 months - we figured, hey... there's 3 of us, so it all works out very nicely all the way around - 3x3x3. Check our "dates" page for more information. Come on out!!

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